It´s a God damn biscuit….

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Are you serious?

There are far more important things in life than gingerbread man No? or did I totally get things wrong!? For those of you who don´t have a clue about what I´m on about!! Well maybe I should fill you in.. So, It looks like some people are definitely not feeling the holiday spirit! Students at a primary school in Sweden have been banned from dressing up as gingerbread men for a Christmas parade–all because their teachers apparently think that the costumes could be misconstrued as racist!

Kids are usually given the choice of dressing as either St. Lucia, gnomes, stars or gingerbread men for the parade. But this year: Nope….. “people might find a brown gingerbread character offensive” Are you kidding me? That is just ridiculous. Who exactly would find this offensive? Is there a race of gingerbread men somewhere out there that I don’t know anything about? It´s a God damn biscuit!!!!!!!

I mean dress up as a star which involves wearing white robes and white pointed hoods?! But gingerbread men are racist .. But apparently a KKK looking outfit is fine? Really?



Eye Candy

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Blogs are so out with long paragraphs. Then Facebook came along and our posts became shorter but yet they opened up a digital window into our lives… The micro-blog like Twitter came along and limited our updates to 140 characters. short, to the point but yet informative….  Now.. hey .. who needs words? Lets just skip the words altogether and move towards a more visual way of communication. A visual world  where we demonstrate our daily routines with a post on Instagram and tell our stories with pictures of what we eat .. what we wear and drink and many other things we see. Visual storytelling, new global language?  … Kind of funny because we can all master this one pretty easy.

I guess the trend toward the visual arena is also influenced by the shifting habits of  how we use technology.  As more and more engage with social media via smartphones, we´re discovering that taking a picture “on the go” using a high-resolution phone is much less tedious than typing a status update on a two-inch keyboard.

It’s ironic that modern technology is designed to help bring people together and keep them in constant contact, as it has resulted in a preference for remote communication rather than face-to-face talk. But hey…….

The interesting turn here is; the visual sharing phenomenon has indeed shifted the nature of social media photography from “HEY… look at me” to “look at what I see” that sounds like some visual candy with different flavors from all over the word!!!


Heart Of Gold …

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Over the past few days we’ve been living in a bubble of denial, refusing to believe or realize that you no longer are here with us.

Gone? But, where? We can’t call your on the phone, we can’t knock on your door, no matter how loud we scream you can’t respond. Where are you? We wish we could find you somewhere out there and let you know how much we miss you, how much we love you..

Sigh…. a heart of gold just stopped beating, two twinkling eyes closed to rest, thousands of dreams and goals you took with. Will you be able to make them come true where you are now? Where are you?

Are they treating you well??????

Hey you….. beautiful soul …. Heart of gold….!!!

We wonder if you know how many lives you have touched,
Do you know that people here love you so much?

Do you even know how many dreams you made come true,
Or if you can hear the voices saying I love you????

Do you know how many lives you have changed,
And how many lives you completely rearranged??????

But, we never got a chance to say goodbye??? If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, we would walk up to heaven and bring you back home..

All of these words are not going to bring you back, we know, all the tears we’ve cried are not going to bring you back, we know we’ve tried.

Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow. Remembering you is easy, we do that every day… ohh boy …..missing you is the heartache that never goes away.

Sleep tight beautiful soul, sweet dreams heart of gold, Always in our thoughts you are beautiful soul and forever in our hearts you will stay beautiful soul.


Victim of life…

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This whole thing about death life … not really sure what drove me into this post..

If life is an opportunity, I guess we will have to benefit from it and kind of admire the beauty of it. Now define beauty! I guess this whole thing with beauty has different shades from different angles and different perspectives.

I’m sure we all would probably agree on that life is a challenge, a challenge that we have to face. I mean sometimes it even feels like a duty, so as a result I guess we are in way forced to complete this duty. It’s like as if it’s a game and we have no choice, but to play this silly the game.

Perhaps we should accept the fact that life can some days be a struggle and maybe open our eyes for the tragedy and start confronting it when needed! The beauty is pobably the adventures that life offers that we should provoke from time to time.

Is the conclusion that life is pretty precious after all? So maybe not destroy it? Life is….. “tick tock, tick tock”(time) What if I’m right, what if I’m wrong? Do we all have the same definition of life though? I mean that life is simply life no matter what kind of adjective we place in front it? And we all have to struggle with it in our little unique ways??

I mean are we going to look back one day and say – “that good old life really screwed me over, but it also treated me pretty well.”wonder if we can look back on life when we die? So does that indicate that life is this waiting room for what ever is next? – Death? I know it sounds harsh, but yet true? I probably sound like patient at a mental hospital, well so be it.

No matter if life is rainbows, pots of gold, dark clouds or fog, bronze or silver, good or bad… you name it the list is long. I do have to say that Human Beings are pretty remarkable who overcome this complicated thing called “life”. Hats off!


Chasing Dreams!!

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Our parents made it seem like magic when we were kids. The magic behind blowing out the candles on our B-day cake and wish for something, or the art of collecting change around the house and dropping it into piggy banks while we eagerly waited for the bank to be filled up so we could spend it on some candy or our favorite ice-cream, or whatever we wanted at the time. Or the magic behind writing a wish list to Santa, and he would fulfill our dreams on X-mas eve. Also the moments we stood in front of a fountain and mom gave us a coin to toss in and make a wish. Hmm those days are gone now. Mind you the fountain thing I still do sometimes. Anyway, reality has taken over; nobody but ourselves fulfills our dreams and wishes as we grow older.

This whole thing with dreams is kind of an interesting phenomenon. A couple of year’s back I remember living in China was a dream of mine. I Kind of checked that off my list. See, I´m a bit of a list abuser. I make lists for every single thing. I make endless lists, including all kinds of silly things I would like to do. Like “trying 80 restaurants in Beijing” or “wake up with a smile at least 80% of the time”.

Why is it that we constantly create new dreams in life? Although our dreams change as we grow older. When I was young/kid my dreams were enormous (almost impossible to fulfill, it was almost taken out of a fairy tale), perhaps the gap between our reality and our dreams can be huge but maybe as we grow older and wiser, we are harmonizing the gap and instead paying more attention to the dreams that are much closer to reality!

I´ve been thinking a lot about everything I´ve done for the last few years back abroad and most of it I look back with joy. I really don´t think that I regret anything so far. I do sometimes wonder for myself what would have happen if I did this instead of that. But then again I do think that is a normal thing to do. I mean I have fulfilled many dreams during my days but yet I feel like that I have so many more to fulfill.

I suppose some dreams remain unfulfilled and some are reached and then we seek and need to find new ones to work on. It´s our full time job in life to “work on dreams”?

I decided to narrow my dreams down to three things. I wish to fulfill these before I hit 35 36 hmm 37? And those are:

• Write a book (hopefully a best –seller) okay maybe I have to be realistic, it doesn’t have to be a best- seller, as long as I get it published

• Do a photography gig for Rolling Stone magazine

• Teach in Africa

There, my list, my dreams, my wishes, my goals.

Shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish, hmmm!?!?! I guess I can´t fail something unless I´ve tried, and if I do fail there are more dreams waiting for me around the corner, that is simply human nature. With all of that being said, I´m going to pretend that my bathtub is a fountain and drop down a coin in “the fountain” and wish for my dream(S) to come true.


Globalization is out,Googlezation is in…

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Like the television and telephone before it, I guess the Internet gives us feelings of love and loathing in away.

In my previous post I raised if Facebook and all other social media is making us anti- social. Say that Facebook does have an anti-social consequence does that mean Google is making us stupid and lazy? I mean are we using/promoting the internet as a learning tool or as a shortcut to information without work?

Perhaps the answer depends. Search engines can certainly help us find that needle in the haystack we are looking for.

For those of you who know me probably also know my age. I´m the one who was around when dial-up was first released and had a 9600-baud modem and upgrading to a 14.4k modem was super slick in those days. Wi-Fi?? Nope.

I´m the generation who chatted trough ICQ with my friends and entered different chat rooms and chatted with random people trough mIRC. Ohhh boy those were the cool days of my life. I think my first laptop weighed over 20lbs and was a screaming 286k processor running Windows. See, during my time there was no Google. Although we did have a search engine called AltaVista and I think it came around 1995 and then came the rise of Google and basically AltaVista started to fade away. There was certainly no such thing as e-How to show us the inner workings of how our carburetors work.

Google brings everything to your home, in your phone. You feel sick? Why call the doctor? Just Google your symptom/ symptoms. Why open a book and go through page to page when in a second Google can give you the answer?

Maybe we are one wired generation and in large, maybe we have gone lazy in this new modern society by knowing that we are only one click from whatever we are looking for, and that the information we want is always available no matter where and when!!

We might think it was all well and good, but maybe we are wrong, like dead wrong. You see I guess it all has to do with this cool thing we all have “our brain” and how our brains process information.. will laziness make our brains go slow by time? Will our kids and our kids, kids do math on paper — without hitting that handy button on your keyboard that pops up called calculator?

I´m wondering how the future looks like for book stores. The book industry is going through a lot of changes, influenced by trends like the transition from print to digital, I mean fair enough imagine all the trees that the future can save, but does that mean that the beauty of
holding a book will fade away? Mind you I really don´t think that we will get away from paper, I will have to admit that most everything of importance to me is inside the bowels of my computer. However, I still maintain a old fashioned Filofax containing addresses, phone numbers. I still use one of those expandable “desk file” that are numbered from 1 to 31 and 12 months to keep track of my appointments, and as for keeping track of birthdays, well I leave that one to Facebook, I mean I will have to live up to the modern society one way or another.

Maybe Google is like junk food. It indulges our need for speed and convenience and thus makes us fat and lazy. Like ice cream rather than spinach, therefore, maybe Google is bad for us!!
(I know I used a lot if “maybes”) Sorry


Thankful for social media or else we wouldn’t have known to be social

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Amazing or freighting? It’s amazing, how we have rapidly turned into a culture where our friendships are and interaction comes down to a “poke” on Facebook and

6:00am: Turn alarm off. Yawn. Roll over and hide my head
under my pillow. Tell myself it will only be for ‘ten more minutes.’

6:30am: Get up. Curse the fact that ‘ten more minutes’
became thirty. Take the time to tell Facebook that I slept in. Tell Twitter
that I’m tired. Tell Google+ that it’s raining outside.

I can´t help but wonder, but is facebook and all the other social networks making us anti social? I kind of linger on the fence

Now, don’t get me wrong, I truly love technology, (mind you my  technical skills are not on the best side, but that is a whole another subject.)We can contact anyone, anywhere, at anytime with emails or text messages. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (if anyone uses MySpace nowadays), it makes communicating easily accessible with a simple click of a keypad. Yet, with all these social media applications we have today, I mean are we truly communicating the way we should be? Are we interacting with others in ways to create healthy relationships? Is technology interfering with true and pure human interaction?

Mobility and social networking have changed drastically in last few years. I remember going to a club or a party and see people actually talking to each other. But today, I go to a party and see everybody is on their cell phones either tweeting, texting or facebooking. This is how social we are. Our priorities has changed we feel the need to
announce our club activity on twitter / Facebook to our FB friends rather than
exchanging ideas with the person standing next to us Face- to Face.

I remember hoping on a train and one would sit next to me and two strangers would start exchanging thoughts about life and where we were heading. Mind you sometimes one can have one of those really strange ones sitting next to you and you would do everything in you power looking busy or probably trying hard to look as if you were asleep. Nowadays the person sitting next to you on the train is either collecting points on Wordfued or feeding the animals on Farmville or updating a status telling  – “on the train” and when getting off the train for getting coffee; well here is goes, Tell Facebook I finally have coffee. Tell Twitter that I´m enjoying the coffee. Tell Google+ that coffee tastes better when you can Tweet about it from an iPhone.

With all of that being said … Call me old fashioned but what happen to the good old “Go out for a coffee????” instead of facebook me, follow me on twitter, text me, direct message me, connect with me on Linked In, add me on messenger… Just don´t email me. I mean, that´s so 2008. I guess in the bottom line you can´t replace human interaction with a push of a button or a cute funny icon. Even the one and only Steve Jobs couldn’t make an App for that, but then again who knows what future technology
will offer!!!! As for me “going for a coffee” is so much more appreciated than poking me.